Looking to get started with crypto-currency but don’t know how?

I wrote a short tutorial on how to do it!

This is very simple tutorial meant for my beginners or parents (dad this is for you) to follow if they wanted to get a hold of some bitcoin/etherium/litecoin. There is much more that goes into buying bitcoin or any coin. Crypto is volatile and unpredictable, anyone who believes they can guess the market is delusional.

Step 1: Choose a secure Platform

I use Coinbase and you can use my referral link to sign up. Coinbase isn’t perfect but it’s one of the top platforms to purchase major coins from. The platform allows you to buy Bitcoin, Etherium, and litecoin. Of course they charge fee’s for transactions so pay attention to those as you being to buy.


Step 2: Link Accounts/Get Verified

Now you need add a funding source. Once you set this up there are options to set recurring deposits. Keep in mind that there are weekly limits on how much you can buy. To lift the limits, you must verify your identity via the available options.


Step 3: Make a purchase

In the Buy/Sell tab you’ll see the 3 different currencies coinbase offers. Pick the one that you want and follow the instructions to make your purchase. Pay attention to the all of the details and make sureย  details on the right. Once you click buy your new coins should appear in the “accounts” tab.

Step 4: Secure your coins

Now that you are the owner of new shiny crypto make sure you visit the “Security” tab in settings. Use 2FA authentication and back up your information. I can’t stress this enough make sure that your passwords are strong because your money is only as safe as your passwords.

Any information provided here isn’t investment advice. This is not investment advice just merely a tutorial on how to aquire crypto once you’ve done your research and you’ve gotten professional advice. If there is interest i will make a post on how to trade bitcoin and other coins on the exchange!

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