This past month I fully immersed myself (no pun intended) in VR film making and specifically Mobile VR. I was recently at Oculus 4 Connect in San Jose and was able to witness some very cool work from inspiring people.

My concern with the industry using Virtual Reality is that if you aren’t asking yourself “Why VR?” when creating a project then you’re missing the point of the benefits. Simply creating a piece just for the buzz word you’re doing it backwards.

When I first saw the Walking Dead VR piece pop up on my Google Daydream I ignored it. But since I’m in the middle of creating content i figured i’d check it out and these are my first impressions. I’m not going to comment on the story line, i want to focus on the VR aspects.



The video quality is above average any 360 VR project I have seen so far. The production company and the results pointed to Skydance Interactive.

My biggest issue with VR film making is that users can miss part of the experience during fast cut scenes. With this title, thanks to Greg Nicotero the effects are out of this world.

They did a good job at keeping you focused. I would recommend you watch if you’re a Walking Dead Fan or a Virtual Reality enthusiast.

In conclusion, Zombies in VR are pretty awesome experiencing them in a 360 environment gives you a different perspective. A small part of me feels like this is a gimmick. Does it NEED to be in VR? NextVR is making a lot of gains in the space using 180 video.

What do you think?